About Us

Lilla Enterprises is a skills-intensive organization specialized in the manufacturing of High Quality Salt Products in Pakistan. Salt Products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen with vast experience of creating innovative product designs that are aesthetically pleasing and are therefore in high demand in local markets.

After having conquered the frontier of local markets through an uncompromising commitment to delivering quality products with innovative designs, Lilla Enterprises is in the process of growing its market on a global scale. With the proliferation of e-commerce across the globe, providing buyers with the comfort of making purchases online, Lilla Enterprises which has always been driven by a dynamic approach, has latched onto the immense potential of going online.

Our History

Lilla Enterprises was established in 2010 as a humble setup by its management employing the skilled services of local craftsmen of salt products. Lilla Enterprises has its roots in Lilla Town in the heart of Punjab, a city that has a rich heritage of producing arts and crafts that are renowned across Pakistan. As Lilla Enterprises provided complete creative freedom to these talented craftsmen, it was able to manufacture products with innovative designs that were readily accepted in the local market.

As Lilla’s portfolio of products increased, its management further strengthened their market position as one of the leading General Order Suppliers working in Lilla which was proof of the diligent efforts of the team working meticulously to maintain the highest quality standards.

Owing to the efforts of the persons at the helm of affairs at the organization, Lilla Enterprises has been able to maintain a solid reputation for the company. As the company faced a barrage of repeat orders from many reputable firms of the region, its craftsmen worked relentlessly over the years in order to ensure that deliveries were always made on time. This has been possible by the ingenuous supply chain system maintained by Lilla’s management, a system that is built on equitable and trusting relationships with service providers.

After initial success, Lilla Enterprises further reached out simultaneously to two major cities of Punjab, starting from the Federal Capital in the north and also targeting Lahore, the cultural hub of Pakistan, further to the south. The eye-catching designs of Lilla’s products were as destined to be as successful in the big cities of Pakistan as it had been at its hometown. This was proven when Lilla’s team found itself overwhelmed by the response they were receiving.

Our Craftsmen

Lilla Enterprises prides itself on the importance it lays on the craftsmen and artisans employed by it for the manufacture of its Salt products. This dedicated team of craftsmen comprises of highly skilled multi-talented individuals who can work on products of different designs at fast pace so that orders are completed by agreed delivery dates.

The craftsmen of Lilla Enterprises are dedicated to provide the best and most innovative designs. New clients who are interested in this field of products, are provided with the sample products so that they can get the aesthetic feel of the products before going on with full-fledged batches of items.
The craftsmen working on these products have their crafting and manufacturing facility in Lilla Town where all items crafted are properly supervised and the finishing of these products is careful managed to ensure consistency in quality. The raw materials for these products namely the Himalayan salt is also available in sufficient supply locally in Lilla Town and therefore the efficient management of the complete supply chain leading up to timely deliveries is properly planned, executed and monitored. Furthermore, Lilla Enterprises has a strict policy against child labor and only employs the services of properly skilled and experienced adults on their payroll. The well-being of these workers is of paramount importance for the nurturing of their craft and Lilla Enterprises ensures safe and hygienic working conditions for these workers. This is why the resulting output of these multi-talented individuals is second to none and their work has always been met with raving reviews.